Events of all shapes and size. Whether covering expos, birthday parties, concerts, or corporate events I shoot what you need. With lighting or low-light styling available, get the shots you want to help promote or remember the event. Contact now for pricing!

E3 2018 with Nintendo
e3 2018 with Nintendo
E3 2018 with Nintendo
George Lazenby with Gisele Lubsen
GAL Photo and FaceForward Show
First Birthday Party
Gisele Lubsen art on display
Comedian Erica Rhodes
Model Cris Saur speaking
Mike "Titan" O'Hearn
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (HRTV Shoot)
Lucy Rose at GAL Art Show
BTS Still from "Plane of Existence"
Olympic Boxer Taras Shelestyuk
BTS Still from "The Jane Project"
Louis Logic at Chalk (Venice, CA)
A moment with Cris Saur
BTS Still from "The Jane Project"
BTS Still from "Plane of Existence"
Photographer Gisele Lubsen speaking
Motopony f/ Peppina (Sundance 2015)
Mark Brazill (That 70's Show)
Grace Weber (Sundance 2015)
Business Consultant Mark Anthony
BTS Still from "The Jane Project"
NFC Competitor Christina Blair
"The Jasons" Comedy Musicians
Needtobreathe (Bear)
Gisele Lubsen of GAL Photography